Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the prices of the retreat?

The prices of the retreat range between $1295 and $1895 depending on the accommodation package you choose. Click here to see pricing for the accommodations.

Q: What does the price include?

The price of the retreat includes:

  • 7 days in the accommodation of your choice
  • 3 fresh meals day served buffet style
  • 1 fresh squeezed juice or smoothie a day
  • All training sessions including Muay Thai and Yoga
  • 1 surf lesson OR 1 full-body massage
  • 1 jungle waterfall hike
  • Access to salt water infinity pool overlooking the Costa Rican jungle
  • Free Wi-Fi

Q: Who is Sean Fagan?

Sean is a professional Muay Thai fighter with a record of 19-7. He’s been training in Muay Thai for 7+ years and have traveled to Thailand on multiple occasions to train and fight. Sean also teaches Muay Thai classes and private lessons back home in NY. And of course, he runs the website where he documents his training and shares all his experiences and training tips with the passionate Muay Thai community.

Q: Do I have to pay for my own flight?

Yes. The flight is not included in the price for the retreat since it will depend on where you are flying from.

Q: Which airport should I fly into?

Ideally you should fly into Liberia, which is only 2 hours away from the Jungle’s Edge resort. You can also fly into San Jose, which is a longer trip (6+ hours) and an additional cost for a shuttle.

Q: Is there a certain experience level required?


Although experience is good to have, it is not required. Ideally you should have some experience in training Muay Thai whether it be taking a couple classes or practicing by yourself at home. However, these retreats are open to anyone who is passionate about learning Muay Thai and is willing to put in some quality sessions during their stay.

Skill levels generally range from complete beginners to amateur fighters and everything in between.

Q: What will the training be like?

It’ll be fun!

Sean tries to mix up and keep the training sessions diverse so that everyone is having fun and learning something new. Generally speaking, the training sessions will depend on the students and what they want to learn or focus on. Most sessions will start off with a short meditation and light warmup then go into the main portion of class which can consist of partner drills, circuits, sparring, clinch practice, shadowboxing, footwork drills, pad work, yoga etc.

Q: Do I need to bring my own equipment?

We recommend that you bring at least your own gloves, shin guards, mouth guard, groin protector and hand wraps. That being said, there are used gloves, shin guards and pads available at Jungles Edge incase you forget your equipment or don’t have any.

Q: What is the daily schedule like?

Breakfast starts being served at 7:30am. Following breakfast is your first training session of the day between 9:15am – 11:00am.

After training you will be served lunch at 12:00 noon and have freedom to explore the town, swim in the pool or take a nap in your room (or anything else you can think of).

The 2nd training session of the day goes from 3:15pm – 5:00pm. Afterwards we might go watch the sunset on the beach before dinner is served at 6:00/6:30pm. Following dinner the group usually hangs out and chats until it’s time to get some rest.

Click here for a more detailed outline of the weekly schedule.

Q: Are there other activities to do during my down time?

Yes! There are a number of activities you can choose from. You can relax by the pool, get a 60-minute massage, surf at Guiones beach, do yoga and fitness classes, shop for souvenirs  in town, and much more. You can also rent bikes, quads and other vehicles to get around Nosara.

Q: Will I lose weight on this retreat?

Most likely. Of course this is dependent on a number of variables, but training twice a day and eating clean, healthy foods will jump start your metabolism and help with weight loss. That being said, everyone’s body is different so it’s hard to say for certain… but chances are high that if you train consistently and eat healthy, you’ll lose some weight.

Q: I want to come to the retreat with my boyfriend/girlfriend but they don’t train Muay Thai, are there other options for them?

Of course! Your significant other or friend can decide to either do another available retreat (consisting of yoga or a fitness specific retreat) or they can decide to just hang out, relax and enjoy what Costa Rica has to offer.

If your significant other/friend wants to do another retreat, the costs will be the same. If they’d rather pass and just relax, then prices range from $895 – $1495. However, you can save even more if you book a room together.

Q: Are there any special deals or discounts?

Just like I mentioned, you can save some money by booking with a friend or significant other. By booking together you can save anywhere between $100 – $400 depending on what accommodations you choose.

There are also early bird specials for each retreat.

If you refer-a-friend and get them to signup to come on the retreat, you get $100 off.

If you refer 5 or more friends, you get $500 off!

Q: What are my food options?

There is a variety of food to choose from with most of your options being local Costa Rican cuisine. We are able to cater to your needs if you have any food allergies or are a vegetarian/vegan.

Q: Do I need to speak Spanish?

Not at all. Although knowing Spanish would obviously help, it’s not a necessity. Most Costa Rican’s speak a little bit of English and the workers around Jungle’s Edge have very good English speaking skills.

Q: When are the next dates for the retreat?

March 13th – March 20th, 2016

Q: How do I register?

It’s easy, just click here or on the registration tab to fill out your information, put down a deposit and reserve your space.

Q: How much is a deposit?

It costs $500 to reserve your spot.

Here is the cancellation Policy: Full refund of deposit provided we receive notification via email or contact form 30 days prior to your arrival date. After 30 days no refunds will be issued but the deposit can be used for future retreats.

Have any other questions? Then feel free to contact me using this contact form or leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them.


  1. do you have any dates in 2017?

  2. How far in advance do you plan the retreats? Do you know when the next one after the March retreat will be?

    • Hey Chris, I usually plan them depending on my fight/travel schedule. But the next retreat will be Oct 1-8, think you’d be able to make it then?

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