Schedule Of Training and Activities

The following schedule is a general outline of what the day-to-day will be like during your stay. Based on recommendations from you and other retreat members, we can change up the schedule to fit in other activities if need be.

Dates:  October 1st – 8th, 2017
Location: Jungles Edge Retreat CenterNosara, Costa Rica

Train Muay Thai with Sean Fagan for a life changing experience in beautiful Nosara, Costa Rica!

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Arrive at Jungle’s Edge Resort/ Orientation

7:00-8:30am   –  Breakfast
9pm-10:30pm  –  Muay Thai Training
Noon-1pm  –  Lunch
1pm-3pm  –  Break
3pm-4:30pm  –  Muay Thai Training
5pm-6pm  –  Beach at Sunset
6:30pm-7:30pm  –  Dinner

7:am-8:30am  –  Breakfast
9pm-10:30pm  –  Yoga Practice/ Meditation
Noon-1pm  –  Lunch
1pm-2:30pm – Surf Lessons
3pm-4:30pm  –  Muay Thai Training
5pm-6pm  –  Beach at Sunset
6:30pm-7:30pm  –  Dinner

7:00-8:30am  –  Breakfast
9pm-10:30pm  –  Muay Thai Training
Noon-1pm  –  Lunch
1pm-3pm   –  Break
3pm-430pm   –  Muay Thai Training
5pm-6pm  –  Beach at Sunset
6:30pm-7:30pm  –  Dinner
8pm-9pm  –  Beach Bonfire

8am  –   Shuttle leave the retreat for Breakfast at Rosie’s
830am-10am   –  Breakfast at Rosie’s ((local restaurant. Roughly $6-7 per meal.)
1030-12noon  –  Waterfall Training Session
12-1pm  –   Snacks at the Waterfall
1pm  –   Off for the evening. Perfect opportunity to explore Nosara!

Note: there will be no meals provided by the retreat this day.  There are plenty of affordable, local owned restaurant options however nearby that we encourage you to try.

7:00-8:30am  –  Breakfast
9am-10:30am   –  Muay Thai Training
Noon-1pm   –   Lunch
1pm-3pm  –  Break
3pm-430pm  –  Muay Thai Training
5pm-6pm   – Beach Sunset
6:30pm-7:30pm   –   Dinner
8pm-9pm   –   Group Outing

7:am-8:30am   –   Breakfast
9pm-10:30pm  –  Yoga Practice/ Meditation
Noon-1pm  –  Lunch
3pm-430pm   –  Muay Thai Training
630pm-730pm  –  Dinner
8pm-9pm  –  Closing Gathering

Sunday March 22nd
7am-8:30  –   Breakfast
10am  –  Check-out and shuttle to Airport

The schedule is a general outline and may be changed throughout the retreat.


  1. Hello

    I would like to attend the Muay Thai retreat in March and was curious on rates

  2. Looks beautiful, wish I could come but I’m making a trip to Thailand in April to train for three weeks (Diamond Muay Thai, thanks). Amazing work though, keep it up Sean.

  3. Hi Sean,
    What is the mauy that training consist off? Is it all pad work?

    • Hey Pascal, sorry for the late reply. Most of the training consists of partner drills and circuit training of some sort. So there’s a variety of pad work, partner drills, heavy bag (there’s some standing bags) shadowboxing and yoga.

  4. I’d like to sign up now but I need to confirm thing at work. Is there a cancellation policy?

    • Hey Alan, the best way to reserve your spot is to put a $500 deposit. Since there is limited space in the March retreat, if you have to cancel last minute then the $500 deposit can be used for a future retreat (I’ll most likely be holding one in July 2016). Does that make sense?

  5. Miriam Middleton

    when will you have 2017 dates? i am really hoping for a january costa rica trip!!

    • It will depend on my future schedule, but I’ll be sure to post the updates and new dates when I figure them out 🙂

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